Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Law office of Clifford Alan Swayze is proud to display our association with the Round Rock, Texas Chamber of Commerce.  Round Rock has a rich history and a bright future. The Round Rock Community is a thriving and diverse placed right in the heart of Williamson County.
Round Rock is an amazing place to work and conduct business. There is a highly educated workforce that is able to live and work in the same community. The Round Rock Chamber of Commerce is committed to serving as an Economic development partner with The Law Office of Clifford Alan Swayze as well as other businesses located within Round Rock.

Round Rock, Texas has a long history of thinking ahead when it comes to dealing with growth. The City of Round Rock’s focus on the future, while not forgetting the pas has paid off with explosive growth.

In 1848, Round Rock was founded in 1848 by Jacob M. Harrell on the North Bank of Brushy Creek. While the settlement was first named Brushy Creek, the United State Postal Office requested the settlement be renamed. On August 24, 1854 the settlement officially became known as Round Rock.

Round Rock was able to capitalize on its location in relation to the Chisolm Trail and later grew into the economic magnet that it has become today. The Law Office of Clifford Swayze is proud to support this growth and serve the community as a Round Rock Divorce Lawyer

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