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Mandatory transfers in child custody cases 
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In a child custody modification or enforcement action the new lawsuit must be filed in the court with continuing, exclusive, jurisdiction. There are procedures for transferring these lawsuits to another county when filing a new lawsuit. The State of Texas recognizes that having the court near where the child resides is important. There are many reasons to have the case heard by the court in the county where the child resides including, but not limited to the following: the children’s teachers, counselors, doctors, and all other witnesses to the child’s physical health and emotional development will typically be located within that county. A child custody case deals with numerous issues and facts that make it easier to deal with the case in the county where the child resides. One scenario that may come up is the child has expressed a preference to reside with one parent versus the other. For instance, if the child lives in Round Rock, Texas, and attends school at Round Rock high school and is needed in court to talk to the judge in chambers. If the court is located 100 miles away the child is going to miss one or more days of school. If the court with jurisdiction is 15 or 20 minutes from his school then he may miss only a class or two. When the child has resided in a particular county for 6 months or longer then the State of Texas provides that transfer from a court with continuing, exclusive jurisdiction is mandatory.

The transfer from one county to another is mandatory so long as the motion to transfer is timely filed. This issue can create some confusion when person that does not normally handle family law cases deals with a case. A motion to transfer is timely filed if filed at the time of the other filing or if you are responding to the lawsuit at the time allowed for answering the lawsuit. The Texas Family code controls when dealing with motions to transfer and other venue challenges in child custody cases. There is no due order of pleadings. The overriding principle when dealing with child custody cases is what is in the best interest of the child. The courts are not hyper technical and the rules should be liberally construed in child custody cases. That being said, if you do not file the challenge to venue timely you will waive the mandatory transfer. The documents have to be filed at the time of filing the lawsuit, or if the party is responding to the lawsuit then by the time they are required to answer the lawsuit.

If you are dealing with a modification or enforcement action relating to a child custody case you should consult with an attorney. These cases are incredibly complicated and having an experienced child custody lawyer is important. If you have any questions call the Round Rock Law Offices of Clifford Swayze at (512) 335-5245. We serve the following communities in Williamson County including Cedar Park, Round Rock, Leander, Georgetown, Liberty Hill, Hutto, Taylor and Austin.  The following zip codes are served: 75409, 78608, 78611, 78613, 78615, 75032, 78621, 78620, 97116, 78665, 78626, 78633, 78628, 78627, 78634, 78642, 78641, 78646, 78645, 79836, 78653, 78660, 76511, 78664, 78663, 78669, 76526, 78674, 76527, 78673, 76530, 64093, 77327, 76537, 78681, 78947, 78704, 76543, 78266, 76857, 76549, 78717, 76567, 89801, 78726, 76573, 76577, 78728, 78727, 76574, 78730, 77853, 78729, 76578, 78732, 78734,l 78737, 47122, 78745, 78748, 78750, 77388, 78759, 78605.

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